Nerd Monster Radio Episode 6 - A Slow Heart

Welcome to episode 6 of Nerd Monster Radio. This week I’m feeling a bit burnt out, not from music but from work and life in general and so I’ve decided to do slow set again. Don’t get too heart broken the set ends with a good hopeful song. (apologies for the vocal track quality i selected the wrong setting when recording and as I said, I was too tired to re-record. Better next week, promise). Download Podcast Here. SUBSCRIBE HERE  Track list below:

1. Won’t Want for Love (Margaret in the Taiga) - The Decemberists - The Hazards of Love
2. I Walked - Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz
3. Chinese Translation - M. Ward - Post-War
4. The Calculation - Regina Spektor - Far
5. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever To Tell
6. Skinny Love - Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
7. Normal - Ximena Sariñana- Mediocre
8. Get Lonely - The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely
9. The Breeze - Dr. Dog - Fate
10. Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie - Joanna Newsom - Joanna Newsom & the Ys Street Band EP
11. By the Time It Gets Dark - Yo La Tengo - Prisoners of Love: A Smattering of Scintillating Senescent Songs 1985-200


The Shed | Jonas Gunerius Larsen | The Draftery

The project has a static starting point with the grid as an overarching principle that consumes the site, the infrastructure and organizing the totality. But then a dynamic process starts: Sheds and small cabins emerge within the system, representing plausible inhabitants, scenarios emerge and stories develop. Evolvement on the microlevel is explored in the plots, they become alive, some are abandoned and some survive. The stories come to life, public places occur, buildings transfom. The project grows out of this back and forth process, where the tiny dynamic parts challenges and even dissolves the boundaries of the assumed static grid. This pendulum is the energy in the evolution in the project, the unpredictable mutuality of part and whole

Nerd Monster Radio Episode 5

Welcome to the 5th episode of Nerd Monster Radio. This week we’re taking a quick trip around the world. In a goal to join Brazilian Girl’s Ricardo and Paris Combo’s Living Room, I decided to play with their international feel and run with it. This week’s podcast features music from all over the globe. DOn’t worry if you don’t understand the lyrics, as always  the songs are approachable even if you don’t understand the lyrics. Download Podcast Here. Subscribe Here.

(Full track list to follow)

0. Song - Band - Album
1.Iko Iko - Dixie Cups - Top Ranking
2. Ricardo - Brazilian Girls - New York City
3. Kaltes Klares Wasser - Chicks on Speed - Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All!
4. Sonido Total - The Pinker Tones - The Million Colour Revolution
5. Hit’s Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix) - CSS - Dillon Francis Remixes
6. Cocaine Blues (Vinyl edit by Ewan Pearson) - Escort - Cocaine Blues
7. Лелик (Lyolik) - Фабрика (Fabrika) - Девушки фабричные (Girl Factory)
8. Mírame - Belanova - Dulce Beat
9. Postales - Federico Aubele - Putumayo Presents: Nuevo latino
10. Living Room - Paris Combo - Living Room
11. 春の風
(Blue Spell) - Kiroro - 青のじゅもん (Wind of Spring)
12. Yo Sigo Aquí - Carla Morrison - Mientras Tú Dormías
13. Sabali - Amadou & Mariam - Welcome To Mali

The best LA book of course made the list. The Day of the Locust is a must read

American medicine is the best in the world when it comes to providing high-tech care. If you have an esoteric disease, you want to be in the United States. God forbid you have Ebola, our academic medical centers are second to none. But if you have run-of-the-mill chronic diseases like congestive heart failure or diabetes, the system is not designed to find you the best possible care. And that’s what has to change.

Dr. Sandeep Jauhar

Dr. Jauhar’s book is called Doctored: The Disillusionment of An American Physician

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